Health Safety Environment Policy

Our Goal at LubriTech Industries is to ensure that no harm is caused from our actions to people, environment or the communities in which we operate.

Our Values & Commitments
  • Health and Environment Safety responsibility are core values at LubriTech Industries in all processes, products and service.
  • Compliance with applicable government laws & regulations, LubriTech Industries continuously updates and follows Health safety Policies, and so do our employees, suppliers and partners.
  • We will comply with all Statutory Regulations and may even go beyond these for the benefit of our environment.
  • Collaboration with the industry professional associations to continuously advance the safe management of our products and services.
Our Safety Principles
  • All accidents & injuries are preventable.
  • We are responsible for our own safety & that of others around us.
  • Our employees & contractors are obliged to stop a job or refuse to perform it, if it cannot be performed safely.
  • All HSE incidents must be reported & learning is taken from them to prevent it in future.
  • Our commitment towards safety is and will yield good results.
  • Acting safely is our first step before starting any work or process.